Who are we?

Armenia Holiday specializes in culture tours to Armenia. Initially this organisation built her tours around Armenian dance (and culture) as the main focus (www.tinekevangeel.nl). Participants’ deep appreciation of the sightseeing activities plus non-dancing co-travellers’ interest prompted the launch of Armenia Holiday.

Mrs. Tineke van Geel from The Netherlands is the driving force behind Armenia Holiday and since 1985 a frequent visitor to Armenia. She lived there, studied Armenian dance and has developed a great affinity for this country. The Armenian government decorated her in 2006 for her unbounded commitment to make known Armenian dance and culture abroad.

Travel management is in the hands of Mrs. Tineke van Geel and Mrs. Satik Avetisian. Satik lives in Armenia and on several occasions she helped Dutch travel agents organise specialized tours to Armenia. Tineke and Satik are responsible for the quality of the program. They are an excellent team and will make everybody feel at home. We have a longstanding partnership with an experienced guide who speaks Dutch, English and Spanish. She partly grew up in the Netherlands and her knowledge of western and Armenian culture is an extra asset in her explanations and vision. Our guide will be present during all excursions to explain the history and culture of our sightseeing destinations.


Voorop in onze reizen staat een plezierige verhouding tussen reistijd, sightseeing, ontspanning, een persoonlijke benadering en het ervaren van het ‘echte’ Armenië door gebruik te maken van de vele contacten die in de loop van de jaren zijn ontstaan met de bevolking. 

On our tours we attach great importance to a pleasant balance of travel time, sightseeing, relaxation and getting to know the real Armenia by using the many contacts we have developed through the years.

The tour is suitable for anybody who is in reasonable physical condition. Hikes are aimed at this level of fitness.

In general there will be enough time to examine the sites we visit and to take pictures.

To allow for personal attention to our group members, the number of participants is limited to between 6 and 18.