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Travel to Armenia and enjoy a balanced mixture of culture, hiking in nature and getting in touch with Armenian traditions. Slow down your pace the Armenian way by enjoying a drink or immerse in bustling night life of Mediterranean Yerevan. Tour director Tineke van Geel visits Armenia for more than 30 years and knows the country profoundly. Therefore, besides visiting well known top locations, Armenia Holiday deviates from the beaten track and offers you that personal understanding by showing you the ‘other’ Armenia as well. Our philosophy: “What is culture without enjoying nature or tradition without personal involvement? Go for the full experience!”

After 26 successful tours in recent years, there will be one tour planned in 2016.

Culture tours to Armenia in 2016:

  • 26th May - 8th June 2016

PRICE: € 1995

The culture trip to Armenia includes three elements: Armenian culture and traditions, archaeological sites and nature. The Armenia trip is suitable for anyone with a normal physical condition and the walks are geared to this level. »Itinerary» Program details

In the present day with turbulent political developments, you might wonder whether Armenia is a safe country to visit. Fortunately, this can be answered with a resounding 'yes'. Armenia has a homogeneous population and hardly any minorities (a very small number of Yezidis, Molokans). In 301 a.D. Armenia adapted Christianity as the state religion.

As a traveler you also want to be sure that you book with a bona fide travel agency. Armenia Holiday started 10 years ago as an organization of dance and cultural tours to Armenia, and the dance travel department is still active (

Tour director of Armenia Holiday and teacher of Armenian dances, Tineke van Geel, received an award from the Armenian government in 2006 for "her extraordinary commitment and energy in the promotion of Armenian music, dance and culture in the past 25 years." Being the 1st Dutch travel organization with trips to Armenia and after 26 tours supported by co-organizer/co-tour leader Satik Avetisian, Armenia Holiday has proven consistency in keeping its quality, reliability and personal approach; numerous positive reviews from our customers speak for themselves.

Once the minimum number of six travellers is reached, the reservation for the flight ticket will be made final. It will be send to you immediately. Final payment will be due six weeks before departure. Upon cancellation of the trip due to insufficient participants, your deposit will be fully refunded.

In case of a travel alert issued by the authorities, or cancellation due to personal circumstances, you remain solely responsible. This can be covered by a cancellation insurance.

Armenia Holiday hopes to greet you in Armenia, Land of Stones, a nation with an ancient culture and numerous monuments to show for it, and an impressive variety of landscapes, inhabited by warm-hearted, welcoming people. Together we will make this an unforgettable journey. See you in Armenia!

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Armenia is relatively unknown as a tourist destination but has a lot to offer. In the past years, the country has experienced large-scale development and, because of its beauty and extremely hospitable and friendly population, it has become an attractive destination. » Have we piqued your interest? » Please contact us

Like the stones dotting the landscape, Armenian churches and monasteries are often situated in beautiful, awe-inspiring natural surroundings. Because of their remote location, they are frequently undamaged and bear silent witness to the craftsmanship and creativity of famous Armenian builders and architects. Although Armenia’s surface area is only about 30,000 km², its geography is surprisingly varied. Plains filled with fruit trees, alpine meadows overflowing with thousands of flowers and fragrant herbs, lakes lying atop high mountains, green mountains covered with hardwood trees, snow-capped rocky mountains and hills glittering with black volcanic obsidian can be found side by side. » Read more about Armenia.

The Mediterranean atmosphere in the bustling capital city Yerevan offers a stark contrast to the tranquillity of the villages in the countryside. Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as the state religion, having done so in 301 A.D. Many peoples have fought their wars in this strategically important region, situated between Asia and Europe and once part of the Silk Road and the pilgrimage routes to the Holy Land. Armenia Holiday will introduce you to all these sites, but we also think it’s important to show you every-day life, so that you can experience for yourself Armenia's’ enormous hospitality and take away the memory of an unforgettable journey.

When God created the world and divided land among all nations, the Armenians were having a barbecue (ghorowats), so when they arrived, it was too late to find good land. The only place left was a country full of stones.

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