Capital Yerevan

Yerevan has over one million inhabitants and is a busy metropolis, where many drivers consider themselves ‘kings of the road’. Therefore, pay close attention when crossing the street. Traffic regulations are loosely interpreted. Parks, some with small lakes, are found throughout Yerevan and many have inviting terraces where it is pleasant to relax and have a drink.

The History Museum, on Republic Square in the centre of town, has a vast collection of objects revealing the high level of civilisation of this ancient culture. Numerous fountains on Republic Square ‘come alive’ in the evening with a sound and light show, a popular Armenian outing. At night it is busy in town: everybody shows off their best clothes, families enjoy a good meal in the restaurant of their choice, live music can be heard coming from open-air terraces.

Another well-known spot of interest is the Cascade. A gigantic stone staircase, decorated with sculptures and plants, offers a stunning view of the city and Mount Ararat. Less hardy visitors can take the escalator, which brings them right to the top of the staircase.

Matenadaran Museum exhibits ancient manuscripts, the oldest dating back to the 7th century. A visit is recommended, a guided tour a bonus.

The Children’s Art Museum shows ceramic objects and paintings made by children from all over the world, and Erebouni Museum has a small display of objects dating back to the founding of Yerevan in 782 B.C.

For shoppers, the Vernissage, the weekend outdoor market, is a fascinating place to visit. Craftspeople sell jewellery, objects made from obsidian or wood, paintings, etc. In addition, people who are interested in carpets, CDs, musical instruments, books or second-hand tools will find something to suit their taste. In short, a good place to buy souvenirs.

Tsitsenakabert is een bijzonder monument ter nagedachtenis aan de moord op anderhalf miljoen Armeniërs in 1915-1916.

Tsitsenakabert is a monument that commemorates the victims of the genocide in 1915-1916. Are you interested in food? To buy herbs, dried fruits, delicious cheese and nuts, a trip to the Bazaar is a must.

A visit to the cognac factory can also be an option. There are several Armenian brands of cognac, each with its own taste and age. Winston Churchill didn’t drink anything other than Armenian cognac and you might want to learn why.