Churches, monasteries & religion

Like the stones dotting the landscape, Armenian churches and monasteries are often situated in beautiful, awe-inspiring natural surroundings. Because of their remote location, they are frequently undamaged and bear silent witness to the craftsmanship and creativity of famous Armenian builders and architects.

Armenia adapted Cristianity as the first nation in the world. Echmiadzin Cathedral is the seat of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

It is very special to attend a church service on Sunday. In addition to admiring the architecture of this beautiful cathedral, it is interesting to experience Armenians’ free spirited way of attending the service. People walk in and out during mass and often the Catholicos, head of the Armenian Church, will attend parts of the service and bless the people. The plaintive songs of the fantastic choir lend a moving extra dimension to this visit. The adjacent museum offers a treasure of religious objects.