Booking conditions

You can book your tour by filling out and mailing/sending the booking form.

The form can be send after stating you agree with the general condtions. You will receive a written confirmation and an invoice.

Armenia Holiday will make an effort to ensure that your journey proceeds smoothly. To avoid misunderstandings, we request that you take note of the following conditions.


Your passport must be valid for six months beyond your intended stay!! Visas are no longer required for citizens of Schengen member countries. Otherwise it can be obtained upon arrival at Yerevan Zvartnots Airport. The cost, which must be paid in local currency, is 3,000 dram (about €6). It is valid for 3 weeks.

The bank at the airport is open when flights arrive. It is best to change only a small amount of money, because the exchange rate is better in the city.


Booking is possible by filling out the online booking form on the Armenia Holiday website or by telephone. In the latter case, you must mail the booking form within 1 week of your reservation. Registration by Internet is also valid as a definite reservation.

The agreement between the tour operator and traveller goes into effect when the traveller receives written confirmation of his/her booking.

After receiving this confirmation the traveller needs to make a deposit of 25% of the total price of the tour package, a sum of € 500, upon signing the agreement. Final payment is due six weeks before departure at the latest. The traveller will receive a receipt of payment.

After having received your deposit and once the minimum number of 6 passengers is reached, the flight ticket will be booked. It will be send to you straightaway. Final payment is due six weeks before departure at the latest.

Any breach of the travel conditions will lead to cancellation of the reservation. Travellers who act on behalf of another party will be held responsible for all commitments.


In case of negative travel advisories or cancellation due to personal circumstances, you remain solely responsible. This can be covered by a cancellation insurance.

If you are forced to cancel your trip, you must report this by telephone to Armenia Holiday and notify the tour operator by registered mail or E-mail.

Cancellation costs are:

  • When the minimum amount of travellers has been reached and departure is guaranteed, the airline ticket will be booked and send to you. In case of cancellation the cancellation policy of the airline will apply. Refunds will be settled with your deposit. Armenia Holiday will provide you copies of the communication with the airline.
  • 42 to 28 days prior to departure: 50% of the travel sum
  • 28 to 14 days prior to departure: 75% of the travel sum
  • Cancellation from the 14th day prior to departure (day 14 included) to the departure date:
    Full travel sum.

If you have cancellation insurance, this cost may be covered.


If the tour operator cancels the tour because the minimum number of 6 participants needed to execute the tour cannot be reached, she is obliged to inform the traveller in a timely manner. At least six weeks prior to departure, the traveller shall be informed by mail and will receive a full refund of the deposit or the full payment.

Refunds are made within 5 working days after cancellation of the tour.

If the tour operator cancels the tour because that could not be avoided despite precautions (e.g., natural disaster), the costs already incurred by the traveller will not be refunded. A cancellation insurance usually covers these costs.


Final and full payment is due six weeks before departure at the latest. The traveller must have a valid passport. If the traveller does not possess the necessary travel documents he/she will be held responsible for all consequences of this failure. If you arrive at the airport too late, your journey will be cancelled and you will not be entitled to a refund. Travellers are obliged to check the correct time of departure on their travel documents. Armenia Holiday cannot be held responsible in any way for theft, loss or damage of personal effects during travel.


It is mandatory to have travel insurance. You can take out additional insurance to cover the cost of cancellation in case of a personal emergency (e.g., booking costs of air ticket/ accommodations, etc.). We leave this choice to you. Several companies offer these kinds of insurance. You cannot purchase insurance through Armenia Holiday.


The price of the package tour cannot be changed unless the airline decides to charge additional fuel costs. In that case, the additional costs will be billed to the traveller.


Complaints during the tour shall be reported to the tour management team as soon as possible so that a solution may be found quickly. If the traveller has a complaint, he/she shall inform the tour operator within 30 days by registered mail. Armenia Holiday is obliged to respond in writing within a month.